Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy 61st - a letter to my dad

**This is a letter I would write to my dad on today, July 18th, his 61st birthday if he was still with us.  Instead, I can remember all the great advice, love, concern and care he gave me for 25 years and now years in heaven.  I love you dad and miss you everyday.  


Hey Dad!
Hope you're having a great day!  It's so hot down here!  Liam and I have pretty much stayed indoors recently.  He loves being outside but it's just too hot and with the mosquitoes, it isn't worth it.  I can't believe school starts in just a few weeks...I'm really going to miss this time with him.  But hopefully, you and mom can visit more since you're retired.  Thanks for the advice when he was sick.  Sometimes, it just helps my perspective.  I know I need to have patience right?!  But that's not yours or my strongest attribute.  Liam is actually starting to use his left hand for things although I'm not sure that means anything, but thought you'd want another fellow lefty in the house!  

I'm not coaching this year and will miss it terribly.  I remember your first year not coaching football and how difficult that was.  Any advice?  Maybe I'll just teach Liam how to throw a ball and run super fast!  I'm also losing an hour at my job and insurance!  I bet you're glad you're out of education now! I know you say it will get better and to hang in there, but again, where is that patience when you need it!?  

It was great seeing everyone last weekend and we'll have to go to another Cards game soon.  Our seats are always pretty good but it's the food and beer we know we love.  Soon, Liam can go and you can show him the ropes of the stadium and maybe catch him a ball!  (remember Wrigley?!).   

Do you and mom have any plans for today?  I bet you're going to mow the lawn, drink a big glass of iced tea on the deck with Sadie while listening to the radio and maybe go out for dinner with your friends or Tim and Jess.  Is Grandma Mullen coming by for a drink?  Let me know what you want....a new grilling tool?  Cards wear?  Buffalo Wild Wings gift card?  

Well, I won't keep you, but the three of us love you and wish you the best birthday to the best dad and grandpa!



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