Friday, October 3, 2014

Product review: barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Almond

My first food product review! 
Okay, I bought these for the obvious reason that they were on massive clearance at Target. And I love dark chocolate and almonds so win, win. 
They claim "fair trade ingredients" and "NONGMO". Both are great. But, are they great for you?

Upon reading the ingredients, there are some "buyer beware" things to note. 
1. One of the first ingredients is sugar (11g per 1.4 oz which isn't much)!
2. 220 calories per 1.4 oz serving - a meal should be between 500-700 calories so this is nearly a 1/3 of a meal
3. 6g saturated fat - this is the solid kind of fat to be aware of

Overall, these are delicious. Not even gonna lie about that. Best snack? Hardly. Good deal? Sure. But don't justify these snacks all the time bc you fall into the trap of "Oh, it has almonds and dark chocolate is heart healthy." Red wine has heart health benefits too but we wouldn't drink it by the gallon just to get heart benefits. 
Read your labels! 

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