Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Recipe!

I'm a huge fan of buying things "in season" and on sale.  Right now, I'm stocking up on all kinds of squash.  Butternut, acorn, and spaghetti.  I will be posting recipes using all 3 of these in the future!  I love them because you can use them as a filler or in place of a grain in most meals.  I made up this recipe last week and we all loved it!  Liam gobbles it up, so try it out on your kids!  It's a perfect balance of a protein, vegetable, and fruit.  And totally filling!  Play around with food - try different spices and combinations.  I got pretty good at combinations when we did the Whole 30 nutrition plan b/c we couldn't use grains or potatoes.  

Also, don't be intimidated by produce.  Buy it and use to make meals with some of your favorite staples!  

Butternut Sausage Apple Scramble (there's no eggs in this, but the word scramble felt right)
Ingredients: semi-large butternut squash, Aldi's Chicken Breakfast Sausage (or pick your favorite breakfast sausage, organic apple)

1.  First peel the butternut squash (can't really eat the outside)
2. Scoop out seeds and rough chop into cubes or fry-like pieces (it really doesn't matter - no one is judging)
3. Pour coconut oil (olive or avocado would also work) in skillet on stovetop
4.  Place Butternut Squash pieces in skillet, season with salt, pepper and your favorite spices (I did paprika, cumin and a pinch of chilli)
5. Chop up the sausage and throw it in (mine was pre-cooked so I could just throw it in but you might need to cook it first if yours isn't)

6.  Chop up one red apple and place in skillet
7.  Let all heat up together 5-10 min until apples are tender
**Liam prefers his with Parmesan cheese on top (obsessed with cheese at the moment)
**If you're going for super sweet, a little natural maple syrup might be perfect - but not too much! 

It's like a sweet and salty breakfast treat for dinner!  This would also be a great morning meal - protein, vegetable and fruit! Enjoy!

***Oh, and this meal all organic/clean for me and all from Aldi - BOOM!  Health food on a budget!

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