Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maternity Photo Shoot!

One thing I have liked about being pregnant is being able to expand my wardrobe, but again, I'm cheap and thrifty.  So, how does one justify buying a whole new wardrobe when you'll only wear it for 3-4 months!  I didn't start really needing maternity wear until my 5th month, and I'm still able to wear certain jackets, yoga pants, and t-shirts.  Some of them lead me to wonder how baggie they are on me when I'm not pregnant!  

That being said, I'm quite proud of my ability to find cute maternity clothes at a discount (well, most of them), but a girls' got to splurge!  Here are some of my favorites and where I got them...

Top - Macy's maternity discount rack - $14.99, Khakis - Macy's (not on sale but much needed for work)-$30.00

Top - Gap Maternity - Once Upon a Child-$8, Leggings - Macy's - $20

Top - Old Navy Maternity $25, Jeans - Gap maternity - $32 **I went to buy these from the actual Gap store and they were $, no thanks.  I get Gap's emails and they sent a 40% off coupon the next day.  Bam, found them for almost half the price, plus free shipping over $50 and I needed maternity tanks.

Top - Liz Lange for Target Maternity shirt - found at Goodwill - $4; Skirt - Motherhood brand - found at Goodwill - $5

Dress - Liz Lange for Target - on clearance - $12.98 (regularly $25-30)

Dress - Liz Lange for Target - on clearance yet again - $12.98 (org. $25-30)

Top - Liz Lange for Target - found at Goodwill - $3.99.  Can you tell I shop at Goodwill religiously?!  Pants - kids resale garage sale - Motherhood brand - $4

Top - Motherhood - $4 again from Goodwill; Pants - grey bottoms (forget the brand) at Goodwill $4.99

As you can see I've found much success at Goodwill, garage sales, and Once Upon a Child.  When I do want brand new, I look on Old Navy, Gap, and at Macy's.  They often have coupons or coupon codes you can use to get free shipping, etc. To get the deals at Goodwill, you almost have to go at least once a week.  Most of the Target stuff I find there has the price tags still on!  So for those that are a little leery of buying from Goodwill, trust that no one else has worn what you are buying!  Also, right after Christmas and other holidays, Old Navy has huge maternity sales.  I got a Bears t-shirt for $5 and some cute yoga shorts for $5.  It also helps that I can wear a lot of my regular dresses still.  Baggy and blousy is in so that works for my big belly right now!  Another big helper is clothes I can borrow from friends and my sister in law.  They are all teachers so I've been able to get a lot of use out of khakis, tanks, and jeans.    

Hope you enjoyed and if you are pregnant, got some tips!  I love shopping online for a style than creating my own at home with cheaper knock-offs.  Here's to showing off that bump!

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