Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 29

Week 29 – Jan 7th – Jan 13th
Baby is the size of – Small cabbage.  He is 2 and ¾ pounds and 15 inches long.  Bones are beginning to harden and store iron, phosphorus, and calcium. 

How I’m feeling – Uncomfortable at times.  It’s getting difficult to tie my shoes, pick stuff up, pick myself up even =)  I didn’t have any bad leg cramps this week which was good.  Nathan says I waddle, but I really only do it in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  My side still hurts a bit when exercising but I’m reminding myself not to push it.   

Doctor visit 1/10/13 – This was a very short visit.  She told me my glucose test came back fine (which I assumed since it had been 2 weeks).  I now weigh 167 pounds on the scale there.  It’s always about 5 pounds different from home, which I prefer because it read 162 the other morning and honestly, we weighed our luggage before our flight and the scale at the airport was the same as ours at home so that’s got to go for something, right?!  Anyways, I have gained right around 15 pounds with 10 weeks to go so figure about 1 pound per week and I’m right at 25-30 pounds.  I know it doesn’t really matter what I weigh, but being pregnant has not been my license to “eat whatever I want”.  I want to eat well, and hopefully encourage my baby to eat well someday.  And exercise is just a part of my day.  Nothing I can do about that one.  We asked about him being very “social” at night and if that was normal and she assured us that some babies are more active at night while others are more active during the day.  At least he’s not one to be active at 3 am!  Well, for now….

We had two classes this week.  The first one was the continuation of the Childbirth class from last week.  We learned about epidural births and C-sections.  It was great to see all of our options, but it did solidify the fact that I want to do a natural birth.  Many moms have warned me to be open to options and we are, should baby need medical intervention.  But I do not feel an epidural is right for me.  We also got a tour of the hospital and what all we would want to bring.  The other class, which was extremely helpful, was on Child care and Parenting.  Some people told us the classes really didn’t help, but this one really answered many questions for me about feeding, pumping, bathing, and diapering.  Nathan got to change his first diaper….yay!   Although he is squeamish about a poopy one in the near future.  I’m sure he’ll get used to it and we also learned how to install and use a carseat correctly.  A lot of it sounded corny and I’m sure we will learn what our baby likes and doesn’t like as far as feeding, soothing techniques, how he falls asleep, but it was all extremely helpful.  It was also good to know our hospital has a lactation consultant available to answer questions every day.  We will definitely be calling her soon.  Throughout the entire process, the nursing staff has been very clear on their belief that breastfeeding is best for baby and encouraging a natural birth if it is possible.  They have also been great about saying that overall, they will do and support what we want as parents and that is huge.  I appreciate the realistic approach.  And I will appreciate it even more should something go wrong with me or baby and immediate medical attention is needed. 

The crib and dresser came this week and the bed is officially out of our spare room!  Nathan is excited to put it together and so am I so it will be more complete. 

Activity –
Monday – 38 min run
Tuesday – Eliptical 45 min, 12 min run on treadmill, weights – 10 min
Wednesday – 42 min run; 4.60 miles
Thursday – Elliptical – 20 min, Treadmill walk incline 5% - 10 min, weights – 10 min
Friday – 42 min run – 4.5 mile run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Elliptical – 30 min, 15 min run – 1.5 mile, wts – 10 min
Weight gained: Doctor visit @ 167 pounds.  Total weight gain – 15 pounds. 
Maternity/Baby items bought: I got one gift in the mail from my dad’s step sister.  My shower is coming up and it means a lot that she thought of us even though we do not see each other much.    

**CLARIFICATION – Since posting that I want to have a natural birth, I feel like I need to clarify my desire in our birth.  I want, if at all possible, to have a natural birth.  No epidural, pitocin, etc.  I have been reading and practicing breathing techniques, relaxation and massages to lessen the pain and I do not want to be stuck lying down for however many hours.  That said, I would definitely get an epidural over a C-section.  I’m not against epidurals or anyone that may want one, has had one, etc.  I, personally, do not want that running through my body.  If I have been in labor for over 10+ hours, I will reevaluate my strength and what we feel is best.  But just like with anything in life, you go in with a plan and a way you desire it to go.  If something happens and that plan changes, I am preparing for that and not deeming myself a failure if an epidural is necessary.  I just did not want to go in first thing and demand an epidural.  I know  many women who have given me advice since my post are just trying to help and encourage me if I do HAVE to have one, but I felt sort of attacked and some comments made me feel like they did not believe I would be able to do it.  Honestly, that hurt a bit.  Everyone’s birth story is different and this one for me will be different than other children we may have.  I appreciate hearing the different perspectives, but my story will be my story.  I may labor for 15+ hours or 4.  I could prepare all I want and he could be early or he could be in danger and I might need a C-section.  Yet again, I have a plan and a desire, but we know that God knows what is best and will prepare me for those moments as they come.  Nathan and I feel that a natural birth is what God desires for us for THIS birth, and we feel confident that he will guide us on this journey into parenthood starting there.  Hope this makes sense and I have appreciated those who have been encouraging as I seek advice. 

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