Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 30

Week 30 – Jan14 – 20
Baby is the size of – An eggplant and around 3 pounds.  He is forming his sleep patterns and may be dreaming by now.  He can open and close his eyes even though vision is still very poor.

How I’m feeling – I’m officially in the 30 weeks!  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by.  It’s becoming very real that he is coming soon!  Apparently the 3rd trimester is my time to get emotional and ridiculous.  I had 2 meltdowns on Sunday and looked at Nathan and said, “What’s happening to me?!”  I can’t even control it!  And I am tired…oh so tired.  I get done at the gym and lay down for a nap.  Most of the time the gym energizes me.  It is getting way harder.  I also feel more lower back pain while running due to the stress of the baby weight.  I’m cutting back slowly on my times and intensity (running 15-30 min here and there) but running outside is still better than treadmill running, but I have been lazy in my wanting to attempt the cold. 

I ran Saturday and had massive sharp pains on my right side.  They were so bad I had to walk for a few minutes.  Then those pains moved to my lower section near my uterus then they migrated to the left.  I used this opportunity to practice my deep breaths moving my stomach up and down and that seemed to help. 
I’m also paranoid of getting the flu but I don’t get the flu shot.  Mostly because I’m cheap and our doctor is against it.  But then I heard that it takes 2 weeks to go into affect anyways and it may not protect against the strain that is taking everybody out right now.  So, I have upped my Vitamin D with a pill from our doctor and a Vitamin C drink that isn’t half bad. 

We had our last class this weekend on Breastfeeding.  It was pretty informative and basically sounds like tons of work.  But I knew that when signed up for this!  I just want to make sure I get the science down of feeding and pumping and changing.  I’m sure I’ll catch on as soon as he arrives.  We are going to go shopping for a deep freeze for extra room for milk and stuff we like to keep cold. 

Activity –
Monday – Run 35 min – treadmill, Bike – 10 min, pushups and planks
Tuesday – Elliptical – 30 min, 15 min treadmill run – 1.5 miles, weights – 10 min
Wednesday – 32 min run – 3 miles
Thursday – Elliptical – 30 min, Walk uphill on treadmill – 15 min, weights – 10 min
Friday – 26 min run
Saturday – 43 min run – 4.43 miles.  10 min mile pace overall
Sunday –Fit Pregnancy 3rd Trimester workout – 35 min (weights and light cardio…very low intensity)

Weight Gain – Weighed around 163.6 on Friday at home.

Maternity/Baby stuff bought/got – The crib and dresser are put together and in their place!  I need to start filling the dresser.  I’ve gotten a few books and gifts in from people who cannot come to the shower.  My cousin Karla got us our tub, and a hamper from my dad’s step sister.  I also found some bottles on sale at Target and liners.  I got a few nursing bras and tanks for my hospital bag.  Our mattress was on sale on at Babies R Us so I went ahead and got it so I can put crib sheets on it.  They also had buy one get one free of Baby Ganics products which are toxic free (things like bottle soap, disinfectant wipes, and diaper spray). 

We have our first shower next Saturday and I’m super excited to show you all pictures from it.  It should be super cute!  That being said, I have to clear a space on the baby room floor for all the new stuff we will be getting.  Everyone has been so generous and loving to us as far as giving us toys, books, clothes, etc.  It will all go to good use. 
*This week I’m working on washing clothes, putting stuff in the drawers, and working on the stuff I’m hanging on the walls.  I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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