Friday, January 2, 2015

Super food - how to cut Pomegranates!

Pomegranates are the ultimate super-food, but don't let them intimidate you!  I spent years avoiding certain fruits because I didn't want to cut them or learn. There is literally too much to lose by not eating pomegranate seeds. 

Here are just a few benefits:
Benefits of Poms
  • Most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits
  • Potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects
  • Inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation that could cause heart attacks, strokes and embolic disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Shown to promote reversal of atherosclerotic plaque in human studies
  • May have benefits to relieve or protect against depression and osteoporosis 
Here's an easy way to cut:

Here are the tools needed to cut and de-seed

The top of the pom (the stem) should be facing flip this picture so it's  facing you.

Cut in half

Fill bowl with water, tap outside of shell with a wooden spoon (fairly hard) and work the seeds out with your other hand.

The white pulp will float to the top.  Scoop out with a spoon.

Strain the remaining and you are left with glorious seeds! 

Here's a link to some ways to eat pomegranates: Ways to eat Poms

My favorite way is to make a Pomegranate smoothie and add them as crunch on top.  Try adding them to your salads with a balsamic vinaigrette or with almond butter toast.  Yum!

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