Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Tobin runs a Half Marathon!

I recently ran my 10th half marathon: the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon on October 21st.  This was monumental for me in being my 10th, but I was also 18 weeks pregnant.  When I signed up in April, I thought I might be fortunate enough to be pregnant, but I wasn't sure because we had no idea how long it would take us to get pregnant.  Well, not long it turns out =)

The training went well.  I hit all my long runs with decent times, nothing my fastest and nothing slow.  I averaged about 9 min/miles during my longer training runs.  I ran this race with my friend Jaidra (it was her 3rd Half) and my brother who also ran his 3rd Half.  

Time Comparison:

10/23/2011 – St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon – 2:02.59 – 9:23 pace  - #7 Half

10/21/12 – St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon -  2:03.29 - #10 Half

I only ran 30 seconds slower this year!  Amazing what this pregnancy has allowed me to do! 

The Start Line

Mom trying to capture my start

The finish!

Proud Finishers

Showing off the bump

Number 10!
The family

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