Sunday, November 25, 2012

22 Weeks

Week 22 – Nov 19 – Nov 25
Baby is the size of – Length of a spaghetti squash!  Whatever that means!  He’ s about 1 lb.

How I’m feeling – This week was crazy with traveling to Mom’s on Wednesday and getting back late Saturday night.  I figured out it is NOT easy to sleep anywhere and was up a few nights at 2:30 without falling back asleep.  I pushed it to the limits on Friday going Black Friday shopping and thinking I would get some sympathy for being pregnant.  I only milked it once and had a little girl get me a jacket at Old Navy so I didn’t have to get out of line.  That was nice. 

We also finally got to see my cousins who are both due in March.  Kate is due with her 4th baby, a girl, on March 9th and Emily is due with her first, a girl, on March 27th.  I sandwiched right in there at March 23rd.  It was neat to see how different we all look and how we’re carrying.  We did not get a group picture but hopefully will at Christmas. 

I think I’m feeling him a lot these days.  I feel many bumps and movements while sitting around.  And a lot at night when I haven’t eaten much so I’m thinking it’s him and not food digesting. 

Activity –
Monday – 45 min run
Tuesday – Swim 25 min, Eliptical 20 min, weights 15 min
Wednesday- 45 min run
Thursday – 35 min run
Friday –  Rest and shopping!
Saturday –  45 min run
Sunday –Rest.  Too much traveling!

Weight gained: Depends on the day but I was around 157-160lbs which puts my weight gain around 12-15

Maternity/Baby items bought: A bunch of tops and jeans from Gap Maternity.  I also got a super cute black Maternity dress from Macy’s for $20.  I love that the baby lets me expand my wardrobe!

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