Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 23

Week 23 – Nov 26 – Dec 2
Baby is the size of –An ear of corn.  He is hearing my voice and can feel me dance.  He is also starting to kick more.  Mom and I put a flashlight on my belly and he went crazy!  Nathan’s afraid we’re making him mad, but this boy was made to move.

How I’m feeling – My belly has popped and I no longer fit in my regular pants unless they are a size bigger than my normal size.  I have leg cramps, which feel like big charley horses, in the middle of the night sometimes, but they quickly go away.  My diet has not changed much.  My doctor informed me I gained 6lbs last month and was only supposed to gain 4lbs.  I panicked!  My eating has not changed and my activity level is pretty much the same as before.  He made me feel bad, but then said I’m in “storage mode” and it was probably just from Thanksgiving.  Whatever.  I was mad and he’s like 300lbs so not really up-ing his credibility in my eyes.  Next month, I’m supposed to shoot for 4 lbs.  Ya right, during Christmas season.  We’ll see. 

Activity –
Monday – 40 min jog
Tuesday – 25 min swim, 25 min weights w/ cardio, 10 min eliptical
Wednesday- 38.25 min, 4 miles
Thursday – 5 mile run – 46 min
Friday –  35 min elliptical; weights 5-10 min
Saturday –  Gingerbread 5k Race – 27.14.  8th in my age group. 
Sunday –Frostbite 10  mile run; 3rd in my age group!  1 hour 36 min.  9:38 pace.  Lots of hills and it was unseasonably warm so many walk breaks were needed.

Weight gained: My scale is different than the doctor’s.  On Thursday, it was 164 at the docs but 161 at home.  Friday it was 158.2 at home.

Maternity/Baby items bought: New dresses I got on sale and since none of my khakis fit, I had to order some.  I love how this baby is my excuse to get a new wardrobe.

I'm not proud of this outfit, but it was 7:45 pm and I had ran 10 miles that morning, so yeah....

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