Monday, November 19, 2012

21 Weeks

Week 21 – Nov 12 – Nov 18
How I’m feeling – I’ve really started to pop a bit and now it’s noticeable that I am pregnant.  I “think” I’ve started to feel the baby or what others tell me is like butterflies or a fluttering feeling.  Sometimes it feels like gas or just my food digesting but apparently, it might be little guy.  My belly feels different, obviously, but more particular when I’m running.  It sometimes feels like I have a big gas bubble in there.  I feel my form compromising but I’m trying not to hunch too much.  My lower back may start to really hurt soon.  I’m finally aware that the bump is there.  Push ups are little more difficult and when I do squats, my belly gets in the way!  I’ll be honest, it’s hard to feel attractive at times, but cute clothes help!  I wore a pair of skinny maternity jeans last week that are super cute, however I am not a fan of the full band.  It was itchy and in my ribs all day.  Plus then it sticks out if my shirt rides up.  The constant adjusting got to be a little much.  I’m retiring certain shirts or wearing them for the last time….sigh.  I’ll see you guys in the spring/summer. 

Got my nursery swatches today and I’m trying to price everything before I go register.  I have no ideas on what style of crib, so I’m basically just going to pick one.  I have my paint samples on the wall in the nursery as well, though I’m not sure they are exactly what I want so may have to go to the store yet again. 

Baby is the size of – The size of a banana!  Or 11 ounces/1 pound.

Activity –
Monday – 48 min run, 5.32 miles
Tuesday – Eliptical 20 min, weights 15 min, Swim – 10 laps 25 minutes
Wednesday – 40 min run  4 miles (several walking breaks b/c I had to pee!)
Thursday – Weight/cardio circuit – 20 min, Swimming laps – 20 min
Friday –  Rest
Saturday –  42 min run – approx 4-4.5 miles
Sunday – Eliptical 25 min, weights 15 min

Weight gained: Total 11-13 pounds.  Weight Friday – 156 lbs

Maternity/Baby items bought: I bought a bunch of tops at Gap, some dresses at Target, and some jeans on Gap Online for $40 which I almost bought for $70 in the store the day before.

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