Monday, November 12, 2012

20 Weeks....halfway there!

Week 20 – Nov 5th – 11th
How I’m feeling – My belly is popping and my shirts are getting tighter!  People are telling me it’s obvious now, but sometimes I forget and find myself hunching over or wondering why my stomach hurts.  I feel like my belly has a lead weight in it as I run.  Just sort of drags and is rock solid.  I’m still running about 9-9.30 minute miles which is good for me.  I had to stop on Saturday during my run.  It was a warm 75 degrees and I was ready for lunch or a snack so I stopped several time stop to catch my breath and not push it too much.  I woke up the other morning and one side was larger than the other.  Not sure if this is normal or not but it evened out later on that day.

What I’m eating/not eating – A lot of snacking and grazing but mostly healthy stuff.  Honestly, with my activity level, it’s a pretty normal amount of food.  Coffee is still my weakness but I’m trying to have a small cup a day or less.  I’m trying to keep my uptake of vegetables and fruits and protein good.  Still very difficult to see my body changing and not being able to 100% exercise the way I want, but he’s hanging in there ok! 

Activity –
Monday – 25 min run.  My back is still a bit strained but movement is helping.
Tuesday – Eliptical 25 min, weights 15 min
Wednesday – 30 min on treadmill – speed work with incline.  20 min in the pool – breaststroke down, freestyle back
Thursday – Eliptical 25 min, weights 15 min, bike ride 15 min, raking leaves – 20 min
Friday – 25 min run
Saturday – 50 min.  It was really warm and windy day and I definitely felt like I needed juice or something to get me thru.  I had to walk a few times so all in all about 4.5 mile run
Sunday – Rest.  Haven’t taken a break from working out in over a week, so I enjoyed the gloomy weather.  Back at it tomorrow!

Weight gained: ???  I’m still around 158 lbs.

Maternity/Baby items bought: I’m still deciding between super cute Liz Lange dresses from Target.  One fits now but probably won’t later and the other was on clearance but I don’t know that I love it.

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