Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running Tip #4 - Avoid that big thing in the road

So it's official.  I have had my first bad fall while running....ever.  And it's my own fault for many reasons.  First of all, I got up at 5 am Sunday morning to run to "beat the heat".  Nice try.  I hit a wall thick hot air that morning.  I still did 5 however.  Then Monday came.  Now, if I run one day, I take the next day off or do circuit training/weight lifting instead.  But I got up and was awake before 8 and feeling like I could probably run.  So I set out with a new route in mind that I was pretty excited about. 

I was about 30 seconds into the run (no joke), when I saw a round thing on the sidewalk.  I usually sidestep cracks or dead animals, rocks, etc.  But for some reason, I thought this was rubber and I could step in it/near it.   Bad idea.  It was metal, and my foot got caught and I went tumbling.  What makes it worse was that it was the intersection of 2 main roads in Belleville.  Everyone going to work saw me, including the lawn maintenance guys working outside the city highway building for St. Clair County.  I tumbled, skidded hard core and flipped over throwing my legs up in the air.  There was no sense in being embarrassed...it freakin hurt.  Next thing I know, an office lady came out and took me inside to clean up with bandages and neosporin.  But sweat and bandaids don't really go together so I just tried to soak up as much blood as I could.  So now I'm limping and have bloody knees, but hey, I'm out so what did I do?   I ran 4 miles....bloody knees and all.  I'm sure I got stares.  And ya know how men get bloody nipples from running at times?  Well, I thought maybe people would think that my version of that came on my knees.

So yesterday I couldn't walk down stairs very well or bend my knee but day 2 seems to be getting better.  I can still do a full squat, which makes me think I don't have any serious knee damage.  Just pus oozing and parts scabbing over.  It's beautiful folks, let me tell you.

And yes, I worked out again today.  Back to running tomorrow.  I'm crazy and make boneheaded decisions sometimes, but hey, I'm a runner and not even the heat or a fall (aside from broken bones) will keep me away.

Day 2 pics......view at your own discretion

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