Friday, July 29, 2011

A revelation...not about running

For awhile I have struggled with the concept of obedience and doing things to please God.  Here's my back and forth-ness - Am I do things for God (ie, read the Bible, go to church, tithe, teach Sunday school, etc) because it is simply my response to his love, grace and mercy and the impact it has had on my life?  Or, am I doing them out of obligation and because "it's the Godly thing" to do?  This is where I get in a rut.  I love God and have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but sometimes I catch myself making a list of all the great things I do for him, thinking he might spare me from some earthly pain or maybe he won't challenge my faith any if I just lay low and play it cool.  Does this make sense???? 

I worry that I do out of obligation and because I have a misconception that God will bless me more or love me more if do them.  My aim is all wrong.  I just wrapped up a Bible study this summer called "Becoming a Woman of Simplicity."  It truly helped me to see how I can let my busy schedule rule my day and not have any time for God. There is a chapter in the book all about the good vs the best and how God deserves our very best.  What hit me most was that all that I am doing for him isn't anything's what he requires of me.   Being a good person, giving to my church, and praying daily doesn't set me apart because they are all things....good things, mind you, but God expects them.  What sets us apart is loving Jesus, living for him daily and telling others about the good news! 

And another thing, if I'm honest with God that my aims feel off, he'll set them straight.  Duh! 

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