Saturday, August 6, 2011

Projects, projects, projects

I have about 10 projects on my to do list and don't really have any motivation to start and finish them.  I have the materials, and everything I need for some of them, but it's so much easier to sit on the couch and surf the net, watch the Cardinals, or How I Met Your Mother episodes on Netflix then to seriously start them.  Here's what's on my list (hopefully if I post them, I'll start them):

1. Pick out fabric for curtains in Nathan's studio (I think I have the right texture we want picked out but need to wait for Labor day sale on fabric)

2. Sew said curtains for Nathan's studio (probably have someone else sew them=)

3. Get another job to pay for said curtains (just kidding, but not really)

4. Put together my racing bib scrapbook (have all materials, just need  to sit and do it)

5. Hang the holder that will hold all of my racing medals (it's sitting on the floor)

6. Do our Vegas vacation scrapbook (sitting on the floor with pictures and stickers)

7. Hire someone to reupholster a thrift find chair for Nathan's studio (have someone pegged but pricey)

8. Write Senior high health curriculum map for this fall (yes, school starts in about a week)

9. Create a center piece with the random wooden frame I just purchased (frame is sitting on our couch)

10. Sew a new table runner (fabric is sitting on the floor in our guest room in a bag)

--Okay, so there are 10 or less, but most require $$$ that I'm hesitant to spend on all this stuff, but better now than later.

Oh, also to read the entire book of Mark in the Bible tomorrow and this week. 

Look for pictures coming up of before and after!!!!

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