Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training week 1

Wednesday - 3 mile tempo.  Not real sure it was a tempo run, I just ran it.  3.14 miles in 27.45.  Not too bad and it was blistering hot.  So that's done.

Thursday - Ripped in 30 DVD Level 1 - 35 minutes.  This is sort of a break day for me but still feeling like I'm doing something.  It alternates 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio, 1 min of abs.

Friday - supposed to be a rest day or 30 min CX training, but I am exhausted and knew I didn't want to run on Saturday.  So I put on my shoes around 1:30 before vb practice started and hit the road.  Thinking the whole time, just get this done and you have the whole weekend to yourself! 
I ran 6.40 miles (a little overkill on accident) in 1 hour. I haven't ran for an hour in over a month so glad to know I still got it in 90 degree weather.

May CX train today and run easy tomorrow.  Can't decide! 

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