Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals in the New Year

I'm not big on the word "resolution" because just like everyone else, a resolution usually means that it will be broken.  But I am about making changes or steps in a new direction.  I was in church last week and I just started jotting down things I wanted to do differently this year.  Some are running related but some are not.  One is run 3 more half marathons and make my total 10!  Another is to volunteer at our local food pantry ten times this year and have our youth group help out as well.

Maybe you want to make a change as well.  My suggestion would be to take a step in a new direction TODAY!  Nothing huge or monumental with the potential for failure, but something doable and achievable for YOU.  Nobody else should matter.  Do something healthy for  yourself or for your family, get in the Bible more, volunteer, clean out your closets and give everything away.  Whatever it is, now is time to do it! 

I look forward to sharing with you this year more running tips and ideas.  Be looking for cross-training workouts, the benefits of running with a friend, time management, and cool running gear.  I also hope to post on here at least 2x a month.  Hopefully you'll still be reading.....and running!

Happy New Year!

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