Friday, May 29, 2015

3 great low back moves

I hurt my back last weekend.  Really, I just flared up an old injury.  So here's some moves that have really helped me with an active recovery.

1. Bird dog - start on all fours, raise the left arm straight in front as the right leg extends behind you.  Try to keep hips square to the ground and belly button pulled in.  Focus on that core.  Do 10 slow reps on 1 side then repeat.

2.  Cat/Camel - start on hands and knees.  Relax your head and allow it to droop.  Round your back like a cat and hold stretch for 15 seconds.  Return to start position and then let your back sway by pressing your stomach toward the floor.  Lift butt toward the ceiling.  Hold position for 15 seconds.  Repeat 2-4x

3. Child's Pose - start on hands and knees.  take your knees out to the outer edge of the mat and sit your tailbone back towards your heels, stretch your arms forward, place your palms flat on the mat, forehead on the mat. Take deep breaths.  Reach fingertips forward for more of a stretch.

Ice, Tylenol and Deep Blue Rub from DoTerra also work wonders =)

Here's a link for later-
Low Back Rehab

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