Sunday, October 28, 2012

St. Louis Halloween 10k Race

I ran the Halloween 10k last year, didn't really dress up and got a time of 55.33 coming off of a back injury about 4 weeks prior to that.  I was pleased with that.  This year, I dressed up in full costume as Wonder Woman and got a decent time with being 16 weeks pregnant =)

My race morning outfit!

Race decor

Batgirl and Wonder Woman!  Jaidra made my tutu and my friend Robin helped make the rest

Mom and I before the race

Treasure Trolls!  Their baby was dressed up too like a troll.

We thought this looked like my dad.  So we creeped on him and took a picture =)

Race start

Race Finish

Finishers!  It got hot in that costume, but it was worth it!

Proud of our medals

Official time

Beautiful St. Louis morning

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