Sunday, October 21, 2012

17 Weeks

Week 17 – Oct 16th – 21st
How I’m feeling – I’m still extremely tired and this week completely wore me out with volleyball 3 nights and a tournament Saturday.  We went to the Cards game on Wednesday and waited out the rain delay and then had friends over Friday, our first night home the whole week.  Mom, Nancy, Ryan and Linc came for the weekend for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon also.  I love having family in and I’m finally okay with our house just being as is.  My office/workout room became the dumping ground for everything: laundry, clean and unclean, school bags, Target purchases, magazines, mail, etc.  But it’s a great feeling to have people in your house.  I’m really trying to listen to whatever my body is saying.  If it’s time to sleep, sleep.  It’s not hard for me to workout or have motivation, but my stomach is starting to show a bit more.  I’ll be happy when it’s “obvious” because right now, I just feel overweight at the gym.  Like I want to shout, “Hey, I’m pregnant.  That’s why I look this way.”  Oh well, my bump is getting larger and firmer.  And a hair tie is becoming my best friend for certain pants =) 

What I’m eating/not eating – We ate well this week and we ate out a lot!  Friends  brought artichoke dip and 7 layer fiesta dip, pumpkin bread, pasta salad and we grilled hamburgers and brats.  With family here, we did pizza, Chipolte, and Red Robin.  My waistline is expanding, regardless of baby.  I only had one night when I didn’t feel great and I popped tums like it was my job.  I got over it and am better now.

**Doctor update – We had our 17/18 week appointment on Thursday.  We were told by our doctor last time that we would find out the sex, so naturally everyone waited in anticipation.  And then we get there, and they’re like, “oh, no, that’s in 4 weeks.”  Um, excuse me?!  I was so upset b/c we had built it up and told everyone that I felt like a fool.  Amidst many people telling us it may have been too early anyways, that does not excuse being run around by different doctors.  They need to get on the same page.  So we got in 2 weeks from then so the magic number is now Nov 2nd. 

Activity –
Monday – 3 miles; 26.26 min
Tuesday – 20 min elliptical, weights – 10 min
Wednesday – 3 miles; 26 min
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Ran 2.10 miles; 24 min
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon - #10 for me!  Official time was 2 hours 3 min (pictures and details soon!) 

Weight gained: Weighed myself Wednesday at 155 lbs.
Maternity/Baby items bought: Surprisingly nothing this week!

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