Tuesday, October 9, 2012

15 Weeks!

Week 15 – Oct 1st – 7th
How I’m feeling – I’ve had some sharp pains in my abdomen recently that come and go.  Other pregnant women I worked with said it was my ligaments stretching…oh wonderful!  I officially have a little pooch, but in pictures, I just look fat or like I ate too much.  Still can’t park in the “Expecting Mother” parking spot.  I’ve been extremely exhausted recently.  We’ve had whole weeks full of volleyball games and not getting home until 9 or 10 pm and it’s taken its toll on me.  Dinner…eh, whatever you can scrounge up because I’m not cooking.  I desperately want to wash all the baby clothes I have and get the nursery started, but without knowing what the baby is, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  My house is a mess, laundry everywhere, but we’re healthy and God is good!

We had our 10 year reunion Saturday, October 6th in Springfield.  It was so fun seeing a lot of people again.  Told many stories and laughed at stuff like it happened yesterday.  I want to make an effort to stay in better touch with a few.  They meant a lot to me and my family and I want to make that effort.  Sometimes, it’s like nothing has changed.  And it’s so cool to see everyone with their spouse/boyfriends/girlfriends and hear about kids.  Yes, we’re at the age.  But looking through scrapbooks, yearbooks, and telling stories brought every awesome memory back.  What a fun night.  Pics soon!

What I’m eating/not eating – I wake up starving!  So my breakfasts have been huge, but I guess that’s good and normal.  I’ve been doing egg sandwiches, fruit, yogurt or almond butter toast.  Today is lazy so cereal and Greek yogurt it is.  Really my diet is pretty much the same.  I had about a half a cup of red wine at my friend’s house for the reunion and I was even nervous about that, even though it’s ok every once in a while.  Don’t want to push it!

Activity –
Monday – 3.5 miles – 35 min
Tuesday – Ran 26 min, lifted weights 20 min
Wednesday – 43 min – 4 miles
Thursday – Ran 22 min, lifted weights 15 min
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 8 miles – 1 hr 14 min – in Pawnee 33 degrees!
Sunday –4 miles 40 min

**2 more weeks until the Rock and Roll Half Marathon!  Can’t wait to see what this baby can do!  My 10K Halloween Race is next Sunday and I’m going as Wonder Woman!  I will surely share pictures!

Weight gained: Weighed myself Sunday morning 10/7 – 153.8lbs 

Maternity/Baby items bought: more stuff from rummage sales!

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