Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let me brag for a minute

Okay folks, my husband is pretty great but sometimes he just pulls stuff out of thin air that reminds me why I married him...

Today, he came home from Sunday evening church and had a bouquet of beautiful flowers with a card for me.  What special occasion was it for you might ask?  Well, I truly did not know.  Usually around the time I start to complain that I haven't gotten flowers in a while, he had them planned for me anyways and there I go ruining the surprise. 

So, the anniversary he was celebrating was that 1 year ago tomorrow, I officially "moved in" with him.  We lived apart for the first 7 months of our marriage due to my job and my dad being sick, but on Memorial Day weekend of 2010, mom and I loaded up the van and the pick-up, and I was really leaving home.  We've made our house in Belleville a home this past year and I've loved every minute of it.  Being here to cook, clean, meet for dinner, sleeping in the same bed, etc.  It made the first 7 months bittersweet, though I wouldn't change anything.  It's our life and as Dad told me, "You and Nathan have to write your own story."

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