Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kelli - 1, Raccoon - 0

Got up today to run.  Yes, I know it's only been a few days since my half and PR, but I have to get back into it or I will go stir crazy. Word to the wise, don't do a kettlebell workout with a 20lb weight before running 4 miles the next day.  The insides and back of my legs are very sore and tight.  It's definitely been more difficult walking due to this.  Anyways, got up around 5, which is normal, and hit the road.  I run the same road all the time so today to switch up the scenery, I ran on the opposite of the street.  Daredevil, I know!

So I'm about 5 minutes in and I see a raccoon crossing the major road in my direction.  I see these fellas quite often on my morning runs, but any encounter is one too many.  So this guy crosses the road, stops at the edge of the sidewalk which I am quickly approaching and and stares at me.  Like, "Bring it sista".  I yelled, "Move raccoon, you're annoying," clapped my hands and he still stared with those glossed over eyes.  So I just kept on coming and he kept on staring until he finally got the sense to dart off into someone's yard or garbage.  Whatever raccoon.  We will meet again and I'm sure I will win again.  Stay off my sidewalk.

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