Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips on Running #1

I decided to give tips on my thoughts on running.  What I wear, listen to, how I train, and what races are "must do's".  Maybe it will help someone out there.  Maybe it's just for my eyes, but I enjoy helping and teaching others about quite possibly my favorite pastime. 

Tip #1

Let me first say, I have a shoe problem.  Counting flip flops and slippers, I have over 70 pairs.  I know, insane, but I just can't resist them.  Heels, sandals, tennis shoes, etc.  I love, love, love shoes.  They make or break an outfit, in my opinion.  But when it comes to running shoes, I run in 1 pair and 1 pair only.  I sometimes buy 2 at time to replace the ones that wear out. 

The best running shoe I have found are Asics GT 2100 series running shoes.  They are the best.  They provide stability and comfort.  I have special made insoles due to my flat feet which fit in perfectly.  I replace shoes every 300-400 miles to keep from being injured and always buy the newest in the series.  For example, I used to have 2140's and now have the 2150's.  Same shoe, newer number.  They are affordable also (around $90). 

**Mega tip - If you buy the shoe as the newer number in the series is coming out, you can get the shoe for around $70 online either at Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Authority.

**Bonus tip - If you frequently run and run in races, look at what the elite athletes run in or even just the people around you.  Most of what I see are Asics or Saucony.  Nike's are not very good to run in, period.

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