Sunday, September 11, 2011

Training week 4

This week was horrible!  I was gone 3 nights until 10pm and training was so difficult with a schedule like that! Still got most of it though =) One and pretty much the only perk to being part-time.

Monday - 3.06 miles - 6x400 run (made it longer)  morning run in 27 minutes

Tuesday - CX - Jillian Michaels fat burner w/o weights - 45 minutes

Wednesday - 5.75 miles in 57 min.  (supposed to be 6 mile run.  I got bored =)

Thursday - CX - Ran 1.7 miles in 17 min; lifting 15 minutes

Friday - REST DAY!!!  Much needed!

Saturday - 6 miles - 1 hour.  It was probably little over 6.  I ran on our new bike trail and it was awesome!  I went down 31 minutes and back so probably just barely over 6.  I'll take it!

Sunday - Jillian DVD w/ weights 45 min.  Going to feel this one tomorrow!

Tomorrow starts week 5.  Only 5 more weeks left of training!  I am running a 6k in St Louis next Sunday morning and get to finish at Busch Stadium home plate.  Who else can say that?!  Love it!  Here's to happy running!

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