Monday, September 26, 2011

Without training but with Christ

I am not allowed to run right due to my back injury.  Back strain or something is what he tells me.  Cause = not sure, but need to give it a rest as of right now.  This past week was pretty humbling.  Can't run, hard to sit, difficult to put shoes on, and the list goes on.  I feel, as I've stated before that God is using this time to teach me about him being 1st.  Getting to know him all the time, not just the time when I need him.  On another note, today marks the 2 year anniversary since Dad died.  How could we be 2 years out from that time of my life?  It seems surreal, but I am thankful for this time. 

What do these 2 things have in common?  Running and race and dad passing away?  Not much on the surface, but before Dad died, he told my mom for me to remember "patience."  Patience when you have nothing else.  Patience when I was worried, frustrated, and at my wits end.  Which all happen a lot!   Dad knew that I would need encouragement in the little things in life that I always make into huge, boulders.  Patience has been my mantra this past week.  I can't run right now.  So what....I'd rather be able to run the rest of my life and take 2 weeks off right now to get re-focused and centered on what truly matters. 

What if it were all gone?  What if I could no longer run?  What if I lost the very thing most dear to me?  Um, excuse me, what if I lost my dad?!  Does it suck?  Yep.  Is it fair?  Nope.  Does life go on?  Yes.  Can life still be great and rewarding despite death and pain and suffering?  I have learned that the answer is definitely a YES!  But how can this be when you've lost your father and piece of who you came from?  Well, the power and blood of Jesus Christ covers all the crap this world can give me.  Christians will ultimately experience the same pain everyone experiences....we just know where who to lean on when we have nothing else.

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