Sunday, September 4, 2011

Training Week 3

Oh my, we've been busy.  Volleyball games started, Nathan is preparing for fall kick-off at the church.  So neither of us is home right now, however, this Labor Day weekend, we have been quite productive!  I bought a bunch and I mean a bunch of craft project materials.  I'm now obsessed with Pinterest and if you aren't on it, don't be.  It's like a drug.  I can't stop "pinning" things.  But I have made some headway in my projects category and will post pics soon!

Okay so back to running, the real reason you're here...

Monday - 3.20 mile tempo 4x800, 27.40  I was flying.  Felt good.

Tuesday - Ripped in 30 Jillian Michaels DVD Week 3 27 min

Wednesday - 4.60 miles, 46 min on treadmill.  ( I feel the need to mention that I usually run outside in the morning, but Tuesday on the news they reported some old guy picked up a young girl during daylight hours at gunpoint and drove her to the nearest Metro station -  1mile from my house - and took her phone and left her there.  So Nathan is worried so that means I got up at 4:25 am! to go to my gym and run, come back, shower, eat, head 40 minutes to work.  I supposed to run 5 but 4.6 at that hour felt fine enough!

Thursday - yay September!  Eliptical 25 min, treadmill 15 min run/walk, lifting 15 min

Friday - Ripped in 30 Week 1 - 35 min

Saturday - 9.48 miles, 1 hour 32 min.  Supposed to be 10 but apparently I forgot to double check Map My Run! 

Sunday - Bob Harper's Kettlebell workout 45 minutes

Now, I need to rest.  I'm tired from typing!

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