Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He is Faithful

Something awesome happened yesterday....First, let me start with our church.  We make these sort of like credit cards during holiday seasons with our worship times on them so we can invite people to church during Christmas, Easter, etc.  I usually take a few, thinking, "God, you know I'm not going to go up to random people and invite them."  But I'll go ahead and take the bait to make myself feel better. 

Anyways, with the one card I took at Christmas, I was able to invite someone, but then forgot all about the freakin' card!  I wrote our address down on a napkin for him!  Good going!

So to appease God and myself, I took 1 card last Sunday.  Just one and thought, "Ok God, provide the person or it's going in the trash."  And later that day, I had a thought on who to invite. We have a new receptionist at our doctor and she knows about our church because she lives near one of the worship leaders.  Easy right?!  Not intimidating and I sort of already asked her to church so I had a destination for my card instantly!

Flash to Monday morning.  I teach a Fitness Bootcamp class in Belleville and there is a lady there that is super energetic and friendly and I often talk to her at the end of class about her goals and what changes she wants to accomplish.  She brings a handicapped woman with her who is always dancing or singing to our music during the workout.  After the workout, I mentioned how this lady wasn't singing that day.  And our member said something like, "She loves praising Jesus, don't you?!"  OK, door opened.  I asked her where she went to church and described mine and asked her to check it out sometime.  She asked where it was.....BAM.  Hello God, would you like to surprise me any more today?!  I ran to my purse and gave her the card.  Mission accomplished.

My point in this silly tale is that I was begrudgingly getting a card to invite someone to church.  Someone I had picked out already.  And God took my unfaithfulness and showed me how faithful he is by providing something else.  A greater opportunity....and another chance to grab more cards.  =)

Have a blessed day and step out in faith!

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