Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Liam - Month 1 and 2

The first two months have been a whirlwind.  If you read about his first two weeks, it has definitely gotten better.  Liam is growing like mad (10 lbs 9 oz at 1 month!) and growing into his own little person as well.  He smiles more, fidgets around, follows the phone when we take pictures, and isn't screaming 24/7!  He really doesn't have a routine but he is thriving.  His longest stretch of sleep uninterrupted is 5 hours and then the next night it's like 2-3.  No figuring this kid out!  I started reading The Baby Whisperer and after taking the test in the book, he is definitely the "spirited" baby.  It MUST be his idea or there is no coaxing him into it.  

This is how I sleep...touchdown!


Leah helps feed
This is what happens during tummy time

Mother's Day with my boy

I remember just a few days ago, I tried to put him in a newborn onesie and his feet couldn't extend all the way.  When did he get so big?!  I'm sure every mom feels this way about their baby.  It goes by so fast.  I'm trying to appreciate all the snuggles, screams, coos, and smiles.  

We go on many outings b/c momma needs the fresh air.  Places we've been: the mall, Panera, Grandma Cindy's, school, church, playgroup, and to get flowers.  He also goes on jogs with me.  He loves the car and stroller and is immediately asleep when we go places, which is nice.  I can tell when we've been out too long b/c the fuss begins.  

4 Generations
When he feeds, he grips his fists and chest as if the milk can't come fast enough.  When we burp him, he screams like it's never coming back.  Why can't he just reason with us?! =)  He still takes forever with the bottle but he's working on it.

He's met all his grandparents and great-grandparents although hasn't met Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Katie, or Uncle Tim, but hopefully he will meet them soon.  He loves being held and swayed back and forth.  When he goes to sleep, he loves staring at his ceiling fan and light, even when the fan isn't moving.  

He will let us know the second he is wet and will not settle til he is changed.  Pooping is another story.  The other day, it shot out the side!  Yikes!  I heard the grunting from the other room so I knew what was up, but then little one just chills in it for awhile cooing and all.  Um, excuse me, you just pooped your pants!  

His first night in the crib was 4/26-4/27 - about 1 month after being born and he did really well.  We  play the swing nature sounds by his crib.  I don't know if it helps, but it makes me feel like it does.  

I love, love, love the smiles.  When I pick him up in the morning, I say, "Good morning sweetness" or "What are you doing?!"  He giggles/smiles at both.  During those late night feeds, sometimes I just let him curl up on my chest....those times are the best.  He's also quite the snorer which I think he gets from Grandma Cindy.  He gets the drooling from me!  

I've tried to show him each room in the house, the back yard and we're starting to read to him.  Only our favorites though like Llama, Llama and The Bible.  It's crazy that he is progressing to almost using toys and his activity mat.  I'm almost tearing up putting away newborn diapers and tee shirts.  He pretty much holds his own head up as well.  This boy is so strong... 
Lincoln's birthday.  All the cousins

Overall, he is doing very well.  
His "favorite" stuffed animal
Here's what I've learned in the last two months:
1.  Everyday is different and the same 
2.  I love routines and getting everything done in a day and if it doesn't happen, that HAS to be okay...for that day
3.  I can get so much done when he sleeps it makes me wonder how I wasted time before he was born
4.  My floor DOES NOT need to be vacuumed every day
5.  I have learned to eat left handed
6.  Babies can bring out the best and worst in you
7.  I'm so thankful to have a partner/spouse in this
8.  If he didn't like it yesterday, he may like it today
9.  It's alright to get peed on and smart to point "it" down in the diaper.
10.  I learn something new everyday about myself, Liam and my life

Many people have asked me if he's a "good" baby.  My response is always the same, "I don't know, but he's my baby."

My family....and Aunt Jessie photo bombing it

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