Monday, November 4, 2013

Liam - months 5, 6, 7

I have been soooooo far behind on my updates of little man.  He is growing so fast and getting more and fun by the day.  Much has happened these last 3 months.  I'll try to sum it up as best as I can...

*New look* - his reverse soul-patch fell out and now he has blonde spikey, fuzzy hair.  Everyone just "has" to run their hands through it.

*New weight* - At 5 months he was 16 lbs 1 oz and 27 inches long.  At 6 months - 17 lbs 9 1/2 oz.  At 7 months - 17 lbs 12 oz.  (these were only a week apart b/c our 6 month appointment is delayed and he was sick

*First "real" sickness* - 10/14 - Liam had a low grade fever, puffy eyes, snotty nose, goopy eyes and an mild ear infection.  We treated it holistically and bounced back very well.  It was a very mild ear infection b/c he slept better than he's ever slept before. 

*First time sitting up unassisted* - 10/8 - He still wobbles but he gets stronger every day.  He loves grabbing at things and if he falls, he doesn't cry so much.  (note to proof soon!)

*First foods* - He has tried oatmeal, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, avocado, and pear.  He loves his squash and pears.  He tolerates green beans and will eat them without being forced if he's starving.  Still drinking 5, 6 oz bottles a day.

*First fun holiday* - I made Liam's costume of a superhero and he wore it so well (post coming)! We went to our friends Robin and Layne's house and went around with their little girls to get candy. I, of course, dressed up too so I really loaded up on candy thanks to Liam's cuteness.

*First thing I'm not a fan of* - I posted this previously but he now drops things just to see if we'll get it.  This game will only get worse.

*Favorite toys/gadgets* - Jumper/bouncer, frog puppet, orange monkey, baby mirror, anything that rattles, shakes, vibrates, bath time ( now that he gets what a toy is in there)

*Newest new* - Liam will wake in the morning, get on his hands and knees and rock himself to the back of the crib and then get his legs stuck.  It's adorable and reminds me that crawling is on its way.

Size - 9 month sleepers; 6-12 month clothes; shoe size - 3-4; diapers - size 3 (his legs are too skinny for 4's)

*Best mommy moment* - He started giving me kisses when I say, "Liam, kisses for mommy?" and try to kiss him.  He comes in open mouth and it is so slobbery, but it is the absolute best!  

He is at such a fun stage.  I could do without the constant runny nose (it seems), coughing, soaking through his diaper nearly every night, and when he is sick.  But he is so fun, belly laughing, kisses, and rolling around.  We're starting to feed him 3x a day and he's taking it pretty well.  I'm also starting some sign language with him.  I think he'll get mommy and daddy first.  Every time I show him a picture of us and do the sign, he looks at me and then at the picture.  Fingers crossed!  He enjoys sitting up and seeing the world differently.  He loves faces, seeing dogs (he cracks up) and toys that blink.  I've also been barking like a dog recently and he laughs so hard.  Don't ask me why I was experiencing with that, but hey, anything to get my son to laugh! 

Hopefully I'm not 3 months behind next time I post!

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