Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quest Bar - Product Review

I've heard a lot of athletes and friends who I trust talking about these Quest Bars.  I'm not a huge fan of a bar as a meal replacement mostly because I've never found one that I really like taste-wise and had proper nutrition. These were on sale at the grocery story recently so I figured I'd give them a go. 

I bough a few different flavors to try and only paid $1 (on sale only because the box was marked wrong and I complained!).  Regularly they were over $2.50.  I'm sorry but that's ridiculous.  I better savor these puppies.

Anyways, I tried the chocolate peanut butter the other day and here's what I thought: 

1.  Initial bite - a bit chewy (hard to bite off) but very rich in flavor
2. Could definitely taste the chocolate and pb flavoring and did not taste fake in flavor
3.  Delicious way to get protein and not many carbs - great for after a hard run, which is what I did!
4.  Not extremely filling so I'm wondering if I should eat them as a snack after a tough strength day or eat them as part of a breakfast.  I like to eat so 1 bar isn't going to cut it, it seems!  

Overall, I feel that as far as bars go, the taste was great and the nutrition stands up to my standards of mostly natural ingredients (no aspartame or fake ingredients) and I feel the protein could help rebuild my muscles after a lifting or running day.

Overall grade (b/c I'm a teacher!) - A- 
**minus is only b/c it's not a real meal!  


Anybody else have a flavor they can recommend?  I'd be interested to try a fruit one.

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