Friday, March 8, 2013

What's in the hospital bag????

Okay, I don't have tons of time for this post but here are some pics of mine and the baby's bag complete with coming home outfits, essentials, and stuff we'll grab on the way out the door.  I basically just pinned a bunch of lists and compiled our own.  Take it or leave it!

Here's what you see:

Boppy with cover
His baby book for footprints and hospital tags
2 pairs of slippers and flip flops - yes, I overpack
Travel toiletries - to save room
Yoga pants and tee shirt for coming home
Underwear - not good ones for...ya know...after
Feminine pads
Nursing Tank and 2 nursing sport bras
Fold over yoga skirt - I plan on wearing the skirt and sports bra for delivery.  Not a fan of the hospital gown.  There's a website where you can order a "birthing" skirt for like $40.  Yeah, I got this one at Old Navy for $12.  It's the same thing.
Coconut oil - for massage.
Essential oils - Clary Sage, Peppermint, and Lavender - all for helping keep me relaxed, ward of nausea/vomiting and help with pain relief
Nursing cover - my cousin Becky made it for me (see top left of suitcase with cute flower attached).  It's from her line - Baby Jo.  She makes tons of great stuff!
Snacks - Mixed nuts, Gatorade to keep my fluids up
Rice plus old sock - heat it up and helps with pain relief - just not instant rice!
Heating pad 
Relaxation DVD/CD
Possibly movies/music if necesssary
**We live 5 min from the hospital.  Nathan or mom can make a run for us if necessary.

Stuff to grab on the go - Pillows, iPod, iPad, headphones, phone, charger, camera, camera charger, contact case, glasses, other random toiletries. 

Here is what made it into his bag:
**We'll also take my breastpump to learn how to use it.

Bag - Target laptop bag for $35 bought on clearance like 2 years ago.  =)

Lanolin (breast cream), Disposable nursing pads (just in case), a few diapers and wipes although I know the hospital provides these, scratch mittens, 2 receiving blankets, 2 burp cloths and several disposable ones.

A few hats to choose from

Here are several sleeper options for him.  I love the navy one with the guitar in it, but we'll see what he fits into.

0-3 months outfit - only if he's huge!  Which we're thinking not.

Possible coming home outfit.  Elephant onesie with pants and sleeper.

This will probably be the outfit.  I love the giraffe look plus cutie cardigan.

 Again, this is a quick post and I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that's pretty much the basics!  Any day now!!!

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