Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We haven't had air since Saturday.  Although we have 1 window unit air conditioner (loaned from a friend), I am dying to have it fixed.  So Monday we get the call that a guy will be here at 6:30 am today to fix it!  What?!  6:30?! In the summer?!  Needless to say, he comes, can't fix it.  Call the electrician only for him to come out this afternoon, switch a blown fuse and basically tell us the first yey-hoo didn't know what the heck he was doing.  So now, I'm missing my first night of Bible study to wait on this guy to come back for the 2nd time today sometime between 6-8.  Will he show?  Who knows, but I am frustrated because I have been at their mercy all day.  Bottom line, when (and if) he returns tonight, I will be Christ-like, offering him water for his long day, and overly nice for his work.  But I can be angry inside right?!  Wow, I ask a lot of questions of myself. 

Good/bad news - We leave for the Dominican Republic tomorrow!  Sandy beaches, free drinks, sun, sun, sun.  I can't wait to get baked.  Just hope my air works when I get back.  Another plus, the CMA's are on.  So that passes the time. 

Hope you're staying cool friends!  Cheers!!!

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