Monday, March 16, 2015

Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption and why you should HIIT and strength train to burn more!

EPOC is an acronym for Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption which is the amount of oxygen you use after a workout to return to your normal metabolic state.  This is why we continue to burn calories after an intense workout.

We use fuel called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for two different types of exercise: aerobic (long distance workouts) and anaerobic (short bursts - not utilizing the oxygen transport system. When you work out in a steady state, like in a long run, the aerobic system can provide most of the ATP needed.  When you exercise in the anaerobic state, more demand is placed on the body and the need for oxygen increases which increases your EPOC.

We burn approx 5 calories of energy for every liter of oxygen consumed.  So, if we increase the amount of oxygen used, we can increase the amount burned at rest. The best way to up the EPOC is through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weight training, which challenges specific muscles and then has a rest or recovery period.  It's like sending your heart rate on a roller coaster.

Because HIIT is where it's at for results and overall health, I want to extend a personal invite to my Online Bootcamp!
  • 6 weeks online bootcamp - starting April 1st - May 9th
  • Cost: $60 
  • Includes:
    • Consultation to discuss your goals with me, certified personal trainer!
    • 5 workouts per week - 20-35 min; can each be done at home with modifications to make them harder or easier.  Bodyweight and dumbbell moves. 
    • Nutrition outline and guidance
    • Video demonstrations of workout moves
    • Accountability and daily check-ins via Facebook group
    • Shakeology samples for weekly winners of challenges
Fill out this form for more info --Online Bootcamp

So, hit the weights and do cardio bursts!  Check out the article below for reference and all the science explained better than me =)

Great article from ACE fitness on EPOC

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