Sunday, September 23, 2012

13 weeks

Week 13 – September 17th – 23rd
How I’m feeling – Good.  Pants are getting a bit tight, but still fitting into shorts.  We told the volleyball girls tonight and they were excited, plus also guessed it!  My little pooch is starting to peek through my shirts but it’s still barely noticeable.  My belly is hard (duh) and it’s weird not being able to suck in!  I’m doing cocoa butter and hopefully keep stretch marks at bay (haven’t seen any yet that I know of).  Running clothes are still fitting well and running still feels normal.  I can talk during my runs and don’t feel like my heart rate is in danger.

What I’m eating/not eating – Pretty much the same thing as before.  My diet honestly hasn’t changed that much.  I’m still limiting my caffeine.  We had a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning, which was technically the beginning of my 14th week, and the doc made sure I knew to get 2 fruits a day and veggies.   Check, check.  And we asked about fish…perfectly fine.  2 servings a week is recommended to keep mercury levels low.  I’m still cooking and baking all my favorites and new things.  Nothing sounds gross or great.  Just normal.  Forget I’m pregnant sometimes!   

**Doctor’s appointment on Friday – we waited for about an hour and half and then met the doctor and realized why it took so long.  He’s quite the talker!  All relative stuff, but just likes to shoot the breeze.  Very nice and I secretly hope he delivers the little one.  Great bedside manner.  We had a Doppler done which is just a hand held device that finds the heart beat.  He made me feel down my abdomen to the uterus and then Nathan.  The heartbeat was so cool.  He measured it around 150-160 bpm.  He also explained why baby’s heartbeats are so much faster than ours.  We share blood and when my blood reaches baby, it’s depleted since I’ve taken a lot of it so it has to pump faster to get all it needs quickly.  Pretty self sufficient!  The little one sounds strong and healthy! 
My weight that morning was 151 lbs.  On Thursday morning it was 150.6 lbs.  So total weight gain of around 5 lbs so far. 

Activity –
Monday – 3.5 miles-32 min
Tuesday – Elliptical – 25 min, weights – 20 min
Wednesday – 4 -4.5miles – 42 min
Thursday – Kettlebell DVD – 52 min
Friday – 8 mile run – 8.20 miles in 1 hour 15 min – 9:15/mile pace
Saturday – Rest – I had a volleyball tournament and that took enough out of me
Sunday – Rest – short 25 min walk

Weight gained:  5 lbs total
Maternity items bought: A belly band from Target and a tank top from Old Navy.  I’m living in my yoga pants already =)

**4 more weeks until we find out the sex!!!!

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