Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cool email

Wow, it's been long (like all summer) since I've been on here but this inspires me.  This week, I received an email from a co-worker with his personal testimony attached.  I love how God does this!  His struggles and his outpouring of himself really helped me see my problems from a different perspective. 

God has each of us where he wants us.  He has surrounded us with people, circumstances, and himself to nudge us, lift us up, encourage us, and get us back on track.  I've been struggling for a while this summer with previous sin.  I know I've been forgiven, but it still doesn't mean I feel any less bad for things I've done/said.  I can't take them back or undue the hurt it caused others.  Only Jesus says, "You're ok because you're mine."  Through his email, I was reminded that we all have a purpose here.  We are all here to expand Christ's name, DAILY.  Do I always do that?  No, unfortunately.  But am I trying each day?  Yes. 

My prayer is that my relationship with Christ deepens, my friendships with others are rich and full of Christ's love, and I learn to daily rely on His strength. 

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