Monday, September 17, 2012

9 Weeks


Week 9
How I’m feeling – I was told 3 different times mid-week that I looked “tired/exhausted/like a needed a nap”.  The thing is that I’m getting good sleep and am getting a good jump on the morning.  Maybe I need more makeup.  Clothes are a little tighter but everything still fits and I’m really hoping I can just wear my sweats for a while or forever (I picked the right profession!).  I love, love, love coffee but am trying to not do as much caffeine.  My doctor said it’s fine but I still know I need to kick the habit.  I’ve been doing tea but that’s really just a replacement. 

What I’m eating/not eating – If I get something in my head, I have to eat it.  Luckily, it’s still very healthy things.  This morning, I had a protein shake with a gluten free waffle with almond butter and natural honey.  Lunch – veggie pizza, salad, and meat and cheese wrap.  Dinner – taco salad, cream cheese and strawberry jelly toast for dessert.  Lots of water and some caffeine in my diet. 
8/23/12 – We had our second visit today and got another ultra sound.  Baby was kicking and squirming around.  Heart rate was 180 (or so we think, we don’t remember!).  Everything looks good and I am 9 weeks 4 days!  It was amazing to actually see it move around and be a real person!  I about cried watching it.  Asked the doctor about my all of a sudden allergies, which she said will go away in 9 months…great!  But luckily can take Claritin, which I may or may not.  Trying to not use too many drugs.

Activity –
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – 25 min elliptical, free weights – 20 min
Wednesday – 4-4.5 mile run
Thursday – elliptical 20 min, weights 25 min
Friday – swim 30 min
Saturday – 6 mile run in 57 min
Sunday – Rest

Weight gained: 2-5 lbs (total)

Maternity items bought: 2 tops from Old Navy (on sale) and swim top

People who know:  Work and trying to not forget anyone!  It’s so hard!

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